Tips on Investing not to be Disregarded

Gearing or borrowing helps in boosting your wealth accumulation. This is why there are some investors who have opted to borrow from to get started in investing. Of course, this is after performing thorough consideration on all possible aspects of the investment.

Once you have the fund needed, you’d be able to purchase assets like shares or investment properties that you might not be able to get outright. On the other hand, borrowing to invest is sometimes deemed to be a risky strategy. If done hastily, it could lead to losing more money than what is initially invested.

Therefore, before you take out a share investment loan, it is imperative to ensure that you could service the associated cost of the loan which includes the repayment of principal amount of the loan. It is highly recommended to seek professional advice from a financial and tax expert. This way, you can discuss with them the potential benefits and risks of geared investing and enlighten you prior to coming up with a decision.

Borrowing to Invest in Shares

You may take out margin loan as a way to invest in shares. With margin loan, it lets you buy shares by paying just the fraction of cost of shares upfront. The lender on the other hand will be using your shares as a security for borrowed amount.

The cost of shares are moving often and you are risking loss if ever they fall in value. Normally, lenders are expressing the level of gearing by using LVR or Loan to Value Ratio, otherwise referred to as gearing ratio.

LVR is basically the value of the loan that is divided by total value of the shares. In the event that the value of shares have fallen to where the LVR exceeded the approved maximum amount, you might be required to repay parts of the loan or top-up on your loan collateral.

This is called as margin call and if it isn’t met within the given timeframe that is scheduled by the lender, then your shares might be sold by the lender in order to meet the margin obligations. If this happens, it means an automatic loss.

Managing the Associated Risks with Margin Loan

As a matter of fact, there are several strategies that can be used for risk management of margin loan like:

  • Setting borrowing limit that you’re comfortable repaying with
  • Making regular interest repayments to the loan to maintain the loan balance
  • Regularly check the LVR

Underscoring the Main Differences Between Trading in Traditional Investment Products and Bitcoins

Despite the tumultuous trading markets, bitcoin prices surged to $19,864 as the new all time high, since institutional investors are now into buying bitcoins. While many bitcoin owners are up on their toes waiting for trading signals on whether it’s time to buy or sell, some financial traders are voicing caution when it comes to cryptocurrency investing.

Trading on stocks and foreign currencies have not made as much headway as trading in cryptocurrencies have during the past months, and therefore not as encouraging. As it is, several well-known Wall Street hedge fund managers are now looking at bitcoins as viable products for long term investments. The rationale behind the optimism is that the U.S. Central Bank will continue to print money to fund the forthcoming emergency stimulus bills that could amount to as much as $3 trillion; giving bitcoin more room to grow and evolve.

Still, despite all the hype about bitcoin trading, which seems to be drawing a lot of interested investors, expert traders are giving advice about the differences between bitcoins and traditional investment products.

Bitcoin Remains Unaffected by Political and Economic Conditions

The first aspect that makes bitcoins appear more lucrative than stocks and foreign currencies is that cryptocurrencies are unaffected by political and economic conditions and their effects on global trade. This difference became evident when bitcoin prices surged as soon as businesses turned heavily to ecommerce and digital technology as new norms. The option of accepting payments in bitcoins comes with the prospect of realizing additional profits by selling the digital money at a higher value.

On the other hand, global trading of products and exchange of foreigh currencies hardly took off as the COVID-19 pandemic still pose as a formidable obstacle among many nations.

Nonetheless, there have been developments and progress in certain sectors and one way to get real time information about them is through trading signal providers. Although readers can find a number of these entities at Telegram’s Trading Signals Channel, we recommend a curated list of trading signal providers that can be found at this web address:

Cryptocurrency Market is More Vulnerable to Trading Manipulation Due to Lack of Regulatory Oversight

The main problem with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin is that they still lack regulatory oversight that can at least mitigate unfair trading schemes. Traditional stocks and bitcoins are both vulnerable to insider trading, where those who have first hand information about factors that can influence markets take advantage of their position.

Insider trading is often used not only to protect personal investments but also as a means to trade profitably; leaving those outside of the insider’s circle dealing with huge losses caused by “dump-and-pump” schemes.

However, the occurrence of insider trading in stock markets has been minimized, if not totally mitigated. Mainly because there are regulators that serve as watchdogs over unusual trading activities of company executives and board members as well as key stakeholders. The punishments for this violation include serving jail time in addition to payment of hefty fines and in some cases, retributions.

Have awareness that insider trading also occurs in cryptocurrency markets but rarely publicized. After all, even if there have been efforts to expose trading manipulations in cryptocurrency markets, no one is listening; much less taking action against those who take advantage of the privilege of having first hand information.

Looking for the Best Car Deals? Make Haste as Great Financing Offers are Up

The way things are today, with the COVID-19 pandemic impacting the car selling industry as well, it’s the right time to buy that car your startup business needs. According to US News, there’s quite a number of manufacturers and car dealers that have come out with special financing offers due to the economic uncertainties wrought by the pandemic.

The US News Best Price program reported that auto manufacturers Buick and Chevrolet are offering zero percent (0%) interest rates, while Ford came out with a financing deal that gives qualifying car buyers up to six months to make their first installment payment. Still, even if the deals look enticing, it would be best to check out the terms and conditions particularly those appearing in fine print.

Actually, even before the coronavirus outbreak, some savvy car procurers who moonlight by buying and selling cars, had shared one of their best kept secrets. Perhaps as a way of explaining why they are able to sell cars at prices lower than those offered by established car dealers, they say they usually invest on a car during the month of December.

Based on their analysis, it’s the best time of the year because some car companies still need to meet their quotas or their sales target for the year in order to hit their annual revenue projection.

Why December is Touted as the Merry Month for Buying a Car

Be in the know that generally, accounting books close yearly by December 31. All financial reports, particularly the Income and Expense Statement a.k.a. Profit and Loss Statement will reflect the Net Income generated by a business for the current year. The ideal report is one where all figures reported, specifically the Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization EBITDA), meet the company’s projections for the year.

The EBITDA being the measure of a business organization’s overall financial performance, after all important financial matters have been considered. In order to keep investors and creditors happy, car dealers for one, have to present financial reports that will not cast doubt on their ability to generate expected returns on investment (ROI) as well as on their capability to pay current and future loan amortizations.

Otherwise, car companies relying greatly on loans coming from money market investors and credit lines granted by banking institutions, could encounter difficulties in securing additional funds when needed. Moreover, the sales people are under great motivation to push car sales even beyond the projected goals, since the size of their year-end bonus largely depends on how much they contributed to the company’s sales for the year.

Speaking of bonuses, December is also the time of year when regular employees would have received or expect to receive their Christmas bonus. According to, the last week of December records the highest figure in terms of incentive spending. on the other hand, said that as much as 8.3% of the regular price of a new car could be taken off on car purchases made on December 31.

On the car insurance aspect, gives advice to purchasers of a new car that car deals no matter how great, does not necessarily come with the best deal in insurance coverage. When buying a new car, you don’t have to sign the insurance contract being presented by the car dealer when signing the sales documents. Since you will become the new owner of the car, it’s your prerogative to know the kind of coverage, as well as the terms and conditions that come with the policy.

That being the case, know beforehand the car dealer’s insurance partner so you can make proper assessments on whether or not it’s the best car insurance deal available near you.

Startup companies: A brief introduction

Startups are young companies that are based on an innovative business model with high growth potential. They were usually only founded a few months or years ago, or they are still in the founding phase. Initially, they finance themselves with start-up capital and then look for additional sources of outside capital such as venture capital, fundraising, or business angels to expand. This applies to kiss918 when they start their business.


Start-up companies: young, innovative, and dynamic

“Start-Up” is more than just a buzzword. The young, innovative start-ups stand out from all companies in terms of products, services, and technologies used, but also in terms of their structures and growth strategies. Sometimes startups with disruptive business models manage to turn entire industries or branches of business inside out.

Startups often roll up emerging markets or create entirely new markets by introducing and optimizing scalable business models. As soon as their business models are mature and established, such companies are actually no longer startups. In many cases, however, they try to keep the typical “startup spirit” alive after they have established themselves on the market. In doing so, they rely on their original strengths such as flat hierarchies, high dynamics, creative freedom, flexible office solutions, etc.


What distinguishes start-ups from traditional companies?

Startup companies:

  • are younger than ten years old
  • are considered innovative in terms of product/service, business model, or technology used
  • aim for significant growth in sales and/or the number of employees

This means that startups clearly stand out from the majority of start-ups.

The imitators of successful business models in the high-tech sector are often mistakenly regarded as startups, although they usually lack their own innovative strength and it is difficult for them to catch up with the originator’s market lead.

Start-ups – also in franchising?

Franchisor businesses can emerge from startups. But at the latest from the franchise system structure, they can no longer be compared with start-up companies. The same goes for franchisees. When you set up your company, the business model is already mature, the processes standardized, and successfully tested on the market by the franchisor and other partners in the network. Financing is generally not carried out through risk capital, as tried and tested systems are trusted by institutional lenders.

SME Loan Singapore – The Right Loan Broker And Business Loan For Your Business Venture

In terms of taking out a business loan when starting a business, this idea could be met with diverse views and attitudes wherein they give their thoughts and stories as to what may transpire or materialize if you decide to get a business loan to begin or expand your startup.

Although there are those who have bad experiences when they took a business loan, it doesn’t mean there aren’t any good ones to look forward to. If your business and you as a business owner are ready to take that plunge to start or expand yet don’t have the financial resource to make it possible, it is good to consider getting a business loan.

Choosing The Right SME Loan Broker

There are a lot of products to choose from when it comes to business loans and it may be difficult for you to know which would match your needs. The right loan broker is who you need. SME Loan Singapore by, for example, offer loan brokering services that will surely make your search for the right business loan much easier.

When you hire the services of an SME Loan broker by, you will save much time and effort as they are directly in communication with bankers which means speedier loan application, approval and disbursement. Moreover, negotiating for a reasonable rate isn’t needed as they already straight up present the best reasonable rates they offer.

Why Consider A Business Loan

Provided that you hire the right business loan broker and make use of your business loan the right and smart way, it will be very much possible for you to start or grow your business venture. But apart from using a business loan as a working capital, there are other reasons as to why you should consider getting one. Below are a few:

For Purchasing Assets

As your sales increase and your business grows, you may require to purchase some assets, like new equipment or anything you might need for the expansion and growth of your business, to make certain this growth is sustained. Although you might have adequate funds to cover the operational costs of your business, getting a loan to purchase new business assets is a great way to make your business expansion possible.

To Consolidate or Restructure Debt

If there is a need for your company to restructure its debt, a loan that would consolidate all your business debts is an option. Not only will you reduce cost but also be able to manage your business finances much better as you only need to think of one loan to repay on a fixed schedule.

For Funding Business Growth

Getting funding for the growth or your business is crucial for your plans to be implemented. Whether it is to increase sales, fire more employees, add your services or products, or expand to a new location, the right business loan may be the solution.

Startup Business Tips not to be Disregarded

There are so many situations in which businesses were born; some were thoroughly planned while some because of accident or simply brought by random scenarios. Actually, it isn’t as hard as you may think to keep your business running as long as the full year. But the period after that is when things get real. Here’s the thing, opening a business is the easy part; keeping it running beyond that point is tricky process and where most business persons fail.

Now, if you’re trying to read deribit review at Bitcoin Tester to use as additional funding for your business, that’s fine. But you ought to know that there are more things that you need to know than that.

Change Your Circle

As a start, you need to be surrounded with likeminded people. When you are forming your business, you may start it out with your own work or, shape the framework of what you want it to be. Ultimately, for you to build it effectively, you have to accept the fact that it’s going to need bright minds to execute it.

In this case, you have to surround yourself with the right people who are experienced and knowledgeable and share the same vision as you do. For some entrepreneurs, they’ve built their companies together with their family or friends on their team. Why if you may ask? It is all because of the simple reason that they share the same idea, vision and mission.

Plan Your Strategy for Human Resources

Every business regardless of its size will need to implement some sort of an HR strategy even if they do not have a different department for it. This is an important function for any business as this is the phase where policies for the workplace are established and enforced. This additionally includes the employee’s benefits and hours of work and how it should be managed.

There are instances in which the HR department will be overseeing the payroll and accounting services. Perhaps you are running a business but do not know much about the HR management. Don’t worry, there are several other ways that you can do it like hiring professional employer to do this. As your business begins to grow, there are more factors to be considered and the HR will take action into that.

Never Proceed without a Strong Marketing Plan

You might have ironed out every possible situation and scenario in your business to take off but, there’s still one thing that is missing. This is to have an actionable market plan. Without it, you will go nowhere in your business. Basically, a strong and effective marketing plan will put your business in the map.

Opening a Business in another Country

Trying to open and run a business in your native country is tough and challenging already. So what more if you are about to do it in a foreign land? The challenge is just doubled, particularly if you are new to setting everything up. But don’t worry, the secret to succeed is to have thorough planning long before putting your hard-earned money and some accredit loan you get in your business. Effective budgeting and forethought help you to open your business wherever you are.

What to Do?

The nature of business you are opening and the country where you will be operating should work harmoniously. Your work experience and personal skills would be your guide in what kind of business to open. Thus, this ought to be the first thing you must secure. Knowing what kind of business to open can make it easier to choose which country to open it with.

Ideally, list down at least 3 to 5 countries you’re interested to open a business for. You have to do your research on each option to have assurance that your business’ service and/or product are needed. You may read the newspaper, search the web or go to a library to expand what you know.

For each country, it is preferable if you would go directly in checking the government website. There, you’re going to find sections regarding foreign business opportunities. As a matter of fact, there are numerous countries that are offering incentives when it comes to startups, especially if the service or product is not widely available.

Your To-Do List

Of course, since you will be a foreigner in that country, you need to familiarize yourself about a number of things similar to the following:

  • Immigration rules
  • Employment law
  • Taxation law and;
  • Financial regulation or the limit on money in and out of the country

It is vital that you acquire this information prior to opening a business in any country you wish. Again, most of the information that you need can be easily acquired from the government website.

Pay a Visit

Since this is a business, expect that you will be forking out money – lots of it. One of it is the fact that you have to visit the country of your choice and its location to do more research. Stay there for a couple of weeks at least. You should be sure that your business will prosper and serve its audience well. Remember, your consumers will be the life and blood of your business so there should be some.

Small Business Funding: Personal Loans And Other Alternatives

money lender shenton wayLending companies, such as money lender shenton way, are financial firms that offer loans to individuals as we as businesses. These loans allow you to pay for housing especially if you don’t have enough funds to pay in full, purchase appliances, or carry out home renovations. Businesses, on the other hand could make use of these loans to purchase business equipment, finance business operations, or use it venture into new markets.

Regardless of the requirements and conditions, it is best to obtain loans from reliable, trusted and licensed lenders like money lender shenton way as they bring more benefits and less risks compared to getting loans from unlicensed lenders. By borrowing from authorized lending firms, you are sure to have a trouble-free process from beginning to end.

For individuals wanting to begin a startup or a small business, realizing this dream may be challenging especially with inadequate funding to set up the business.

personal loans for businessWhat Are Personal Loans?

Many traditional financial institutions would ask for a lengthy, at times unnecessary, list of requirements before businesses are provided with the business funds they need. At times, one of the requirements may be difficult to get a hold of. Hence, the best option for them is to get a personal loan.

Basically, personal loans are used by borrowers for simple home renovations and improvement, consolidate debts, or make big purchases. Personal loans have fixed interests and are issued just about immediately and without a great deal of paperwork.

Personal loans could be provided by financial institutions, credit unions or lending firms. Usually, this loan doesn’t require a collateral but would mean that the settlement period could be very short and strict. Tall the borrower would have to do is to specify a fixed regular repayment amount and indicate how long the repayment period would be.

Apart from the above-mentioned, many individuals actually make use of personal loans to make worthwhile investments or set-up a start-up or small business, and have actually succeeded and are doing quite well.

Personal Loans Alternatives

Besides personal loans, there are other alternatives you could consider which you could utilize to fund your business. However, know that they have their own requirements, interest rates, repayment plans, and terms and conditions.

  • Credit Card Loans. This type of loan is very popular and could match your business needs and if you need to quick funding.
  • Crowdfunding. The internet is generally the place to look for crowdfunding. It is imperative to look for a reliable and the most fitting crowdfunding platform to persuade investors (or donors) that their contributions, regardless of the amount, will be for setting-up a business.
  • Government Grants. There are numerous programs by the government that specifically provide funding for start-up businesses which necessitates only a few requirements.
  • Investors. With the Internet, you could find angel investors as well as venture capital investors. You will have to convince them by pitching your business idea. If they find it appealing and worthwhile, they will provide you the funds you require almost immediately.

Are Investors Turning to Binary Options Trading in the Midst of the COVID-19 Crisis?

Binary options trading is fast becoming an item now that stock markets are operating under unstable conditions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

How Does Binary Options Trading Work?

Trading on binary options is one of several speculative investments offered in the commodities market. Its mechanics work on the principle of “supply and demand,” which drives the prices of globally and widely traded investment commodities like foreign currencies, cryptocurrencies, oil, precious metals, or even agricultural products like cattle meat, pork bellies, coffee, cocoa, soybeans and corn, just to mention a few.

That is basically the reason why there is growing interest in commodities trading, particularly in binary options speculations. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted businesses and the global markets for such products and major investment assets, greatly affecting “supply and demand.” More so now that countries are making a move to reopen economies, causing price indexes to fluctuate and change in a matter of minutes.

Binary Options Trading Different from CFDs

It should be clear that binary options trading is different from CFDs, or contracts for difference. Although both speculate on the price of a specific product or investment asset for a specific date or time agreed upon by two contracting parties, with CFDs, the speculator does not necessarily own the commodity.

Whereas in a binary options trading, a trader places a specific investment asset as stake to a proposition that the price of his asset will either yield an increase, or will incur a price decline in the global market.

If the outcome favors a trader who projected an increase in the price of his staked asset, that trader gets to collect a gain based on the yield he projected. On the other hand, if the price goes down and in effect brings down the value of a trader’s staked asset, he loses ownership over that same asset; as it will serve as the winnings of the opposing party.

The Importance of Choosing a Binary Options Trading Platform Operated by a Licensed Broker

If binary options trading seems attractive to you, it is a must to make sure that the platform you are using is being run by a licensed and regulated commodities trading broker. That way, you are assured that the trading activities you participate in are being closely monitored by a regulator, who has the authority to act on disputes as well as impose measures to protect you and your investment assets.

To cite an example, IQ Options Europe Limited, which offers a a wide range of CFD trading services through its website ( is licensed and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). The significance of IQ Option’s CySEC accreditation is that this Cyprus financial institution pioneered the regulation of binary option trading back in 2012. CySEC has in fact implemented regulatory measures that allow close monitoring of licensed CFD brokers.

Another distinction of a licensed and regulated Cypriot Investment Firm (CIF) like IQ Options Europe, is that each client who maintains an account with this brokerage firm has the assurance that an investment deposit is protected by an insurance that can cover up to a maximum of €20,000.

In other countries belonging to the European Economic Area (EEA), IQ Options is registered under the trade name IQ Options Limited, and operates under the regulatory supervision of the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA). Take note that EEA member countries are not necessarily under the jurisdiction of the European Commission.

However it is also important to take note that some licensed brokers do not offer their commodities trading services in other countries. IQ Options Europe Ltd./ IQ Options Ltd. for one, does not offer its services and platform to traders in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Belgium, Japan, North Korea, Syria, Iran, Israel, Pakistan and Sudan.

The Corona Pandemic – A Challenge To Startup Businesses

The corona crisis hits startups particularly hard. More than 90 percent are affected.

In the end, it got worse than feared: In the survey on the effects of the coronavirus, it was assumed that many startups were affected (nine out of ten). The scene had never been so existentially affected. Startups are often small companies that depend on private capital. If that doesn’t happen, they have a problem. The current crisis also hits startups particularly hard because many have no financial reserves.

Corona crisis: State aid does not benefit all startups

The federal association surveyed over 1,000 startups. The result: Around 91 percent of companies are affected by the corona pandemic. With only a few exceptions such as the construction industry, all sectors are affected equally often. Over 80 percent of those questioned are also at risk of their existence due to Corona. The measures against the coronavirus are causing companies to complain about more and more delivery failures.

Another finding of the study: The threat to startups will be acute for both large and small startups in the next six months. Startups with an upcoming round of financing are particularly affected. Some government aid, such as short-time work helps startups – but not all. Many startups are classified as “not bankable” and therefore cannot apply for a loan but sort to alternative financial solutions ( Nevertheless, two-thirds of the startups plan to use government aid measures.

State aid: The startup association proposes this measure

Larger companies with a capitalization of 50 million euros will probably receive support from the planned economic stabilization fund. An estimate of around 150 to 200 startups fall into this category. Smaller companies with few employees can rely on emergency aid from the federal and state governments. For example, there are 9,000 euros for affected companies with less than five employees.

According to the WHO, Europe is the region most severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic in the world. However, medium-sized companies are left behind for a while. According to the study, startups need help over the next few weeks to avoid bankruptcies. The federal association has therefore drawn up a four-stage plan to hopefully be able to avert the disaster.

These include so-called matching funds, in which not only the state but also private investors help – mostly in a ratio of 70 to 30. An estimate states that the startup scene needs a single-digit billion amount to be able to catch all healthy startups. It is in hope that the federal association can do this together with politics.

The 3 Stages of a Business Startup

Whenever someone is starting a business, there are so many questions that entrepreneurs are excited and dreading to answer. Among the most common would be the things that they have to do during the start-up stages of their investment. So in the next paragraph, why don’t we take a deeper look at the critical stages of any startup along with some tips on how this could be averted and reach success in your journey.


For most people, this stage as well as the pre-seed stage blend well particularly when talking about funding. Regardless, this is where entrepreneurs are figuring out to understand the solution they can provide to the market and frame how their idea can help in solving that dilemma. In such stage, you’ll commonly read or hear of words like:

  • Customer discovery
  • Market opportunity and;
  • Minimum viable product

In the idea stage, oftentimes your main concern is focused on validation such as the problem you’re attempting to fix does exists, your solution really provides solution and that it is a problem big enough to motivate and to influence people to buy your product or service. Just look at how San Diego bankruptcy attorneys, they may not be a business but they make sure that their potential clients see and understand their service and that it is something they need to solve their problems. If you can do that in your business, then you are on the right path.


This is where you actually kick-off your idea. You need handful of users or customers and you are beginning to see a bit of profit.

However, you were not able to get the formula and find success. This stage is where your go-to/sales marketing strategies have to pick up and take shape. Once you have done that, your next course of action is to create a formula to make it bigger.


By the time you reach this stage in your startup business, oftentimes you are in full-swing and open for growth. You know you have already reach this stage because you have a repeat sales model, established market strategy and most likely, you are looking for big capital to expand your business and grow faster.

Though, you need to be aware that these stages are not exact science and there can be lots of things that could happen in between. But that is what business is for. There are hiccups and obstacles that will come along your way and these are what would help you learn and grow.

10 Ways To Fund Your Start Up Business

Financing a business is a challenge for many businesses. You may have extra cash from your investment in Stocktrades best dividend picks in Canada. But for some, there is a need for more for various reasons.
Need financing? You can often go to the bank for this, but there are also other options. Here, we have laid out ten options to find the money for your start-up company.

Startup Funding Explained: Everything You Need to Know

1. Private investors
Private investors (Informal investors) want to invest part of their equity in a start-up company. In the business world, they are also sometimes referred to as business angels. They are often former entrepreneurs who also bring knowledge and expertise in addition to capital (money).
Remember that many typical investors prefer to stay intensively engaged in all business processes even following the launch of the business itself.
2. Traditional Financing via Banks
Most entrepreneurs are still financed by the bank. In order to qualify for this, in most cases, you must first write a good business plan. In this plan, you show that you have a promising idea in the current market.
3. Guarantee credit
Suppose you have been active as an entrepreneur for less than three years and you need a business credit (money). At the moment you cannot offer banks enough collateral when it comes to collateral. The bank is therefore at extra risk.
In that case, the bank with which you have approached for financing can make use of a special government scheme: a guaranteed loan. The government then takes over part of the risk. Do you want to know more? This Rabo page gives you access to more information.
4. Family and acquaintances
Some business owners are a bit wary of this. But if you make clear agreements with each other, your environment can indeed be a good stepping stone to a successful start of your company. You can borrow from family and friends and avoid disagreements in the future by laying down clear agreements like specific repayment schedule and interest payments.
5. Financial lease
Starting entrepreneurs don’t always have the luxury to purchase necessary equipment, machines, or vehicles to sustain the business. This is where financial leasing comes in place. Financial lease is increasingly used by starting entrepreneurs and freelancers. Moreover, the assets are just yours, which in turn offers tax benefits.
  • You can write off the business asset.
  • You can reclaim the VAT paid.
  • The interest you pay is deductible.
  • You benefit from an investment allowance (often 28% of the purchase price).
Did you know, for example, that you often do not need annual figures for a lease? And that you can also lease second-hand goods? You can calculate within one minute what the lease of your desired business asset will cost you per month.
6. Venture Capitalists and Funds
Venture Capitalists are private equity companies that manage the so-called “venture capital” of large investors and/or lenders. They prefer to invest in somewhat established entrepreneurs with a well-founded business plan.
Financing through funds
At first sight, funds are very similar to private equity companies but generally have a special objective. There are regional funds, starter funds, and funds for innovative and sustainable initiatives.
Funds are usually set up with government support, but they simply finance under commercial conditions. Depending on the type of company and the industry in which you operate, the support a fund can give you that final push to grow into a company of size.
7. Crowdfunding
Crowdfunding – literally: funding (investment) by the crowd (mass) – is becoming increasingly popular. Entrepreneurs and potential investors can come into direct contact with each other via online platforms.
With a good crowdfunding campaign, you quickly attract more interest in your plans and increase the chance that someone wants to invest in them. Although it is important that your project is shown on the right crowdfunding websites. Read here how to set up such a campaign.
8. Guarantee credit for agriculture
The government strives to support farmers financially so that it is possible for them to invest in innovation and to produce more sustainably and efficiently.
The Ministry of Economic Affairs supports these farmers by guaranteeing an additional loan. You can think of a loan for investments, with which production costs can be reduced or animal welfare can be improved.
9. Innovation financing
There are many other government financing schemes that you can make use of in this area, such as the SEED Capital scheme and Innovation Credit. Keep in mind that not every company or project can qualify for innovation credit.
Rabobank offers entrepreneurs with good innovation the opportunity for a Subordinated Innovation Loan (AIL). You do not have to pay repayment for the first two years.
10. Stacked financing
You don’t necessarily have to choose. Many starting entrepreneurs mix and match different forms of financing. This is called stacked financing. For example, you can make combinations with Financing via the bank, Crowdfunding, and Own capital

Modest Marketing Tactics for Small Businesses with Serious Positive Impact

Are you lacking enough funds for your business? Don’t fret that easy as there are various marketing strategies that can be used without blowing off your budget. Believe it or not, even established and known property management Atlanta and several other companies have taken advantage of the tactics that we will be discussing today.

Get Ready!

If you are serious about growing your business or simply being smart with its cash flow, then this is the article for you!

Publish Informative Content

This one is somehow self-explanatory. However, it would be a shame not to exploit its importance. If you don’t have the knack for composing great content, then go hire freelance writers who can do this for you. The best part about this, you can outsource such service and take advantage of low fee packages while enjoying awesome content and SEO from these professionals.

Prepare Instructional Videos

One of the best ways to convert prospects to customers is by creating videos. Yes it is true that it may cost you serious sum of cash to produce professional-grade videos to be uploaded in YouTube, it is worth giving a shot. If you want to save though, you may sift through online job boards to hire freelance or amateur film students.

Use Ad Promo Credits                                                                                          

While there are huge Ad campaigns that are out of your league, there are coupons and discounts you can use for Google ads or even Facebook ads. Some of the web hosting services are also offering discount codes for advertising as part of its membership offerings.

However for this to be enjoyed, you really need to be committed and serious in what you are doing.


Reddit’s tagline, “the front page of the internet”; as a matter of fact, this is the bare-bone of social networking sites and it can additionally be a very powerful tool for your business. So long as it is used strategically. Reddit does compose of tech-savvy and smart audience and being able to tap into these markets can help your business grow.

Indulge Yourself in Social Networking Sites

You have to make business accounts and take part in activities of social media giants with the likes of:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn

If you really want to like explode your marketing potential to these platforms, then it will be wise to invest enrolling or studying online advertising. You don’t know how much value it can bring to your business.

The 5 Tips for Strong Business Operations

Bill McBean authored the book “The Facts of Business Life”. In his book, he detailed valuable and critical advice to steer clear of failure for business startups and how to reach success. So before you put your hard earned money to start a new venture or use your crypto that was mined from with the help on, better read the points below:

Tip number 1. Leaders are the True Foundation of a Successful Business

As per Bill, effective leaders are well aware of defining their goals and objectives as well as creating plan to direct company to attain such objectives. Leaders must have a vision of the strategy to be used and on how to execute it. Employees are likely to follow the kind of philosophy, direction and work habits that their business leader is implementing.

Tip number 2. Mindfulness of the Ins and Outs

Exceptional leaders ought to know what every employee is into and should understand their daily operations. Successful companies require management that could overlook for ways that’ll make the processes a lot more efficient. It is recommended among business owners to pinpoint the areas of improvement and to be clear of the consequences in the event that employees have deviated from procedures and policies.

In case that the business owner is loose with these things, there is a possibility that he/she will gradually lose control of the company.

Tip number 3. Money is the Name of the Game

Among the critical factors in preventing business failure is by protecting the financial assets of the company. Businesses should be aware of their investments and make the most of their profits. It is quite risky to have no idea of the investment because it might possibly cause more damage than good.

Tip number 4. Plan in Advance

Business leaders don’t have the special powers in foreseeing the future. But, they could come up with hypothesis to plan what to do if the situation arises.

Tip number 5. Be in the Know and Understand Your Brand

As soon as you have established a great service or product, you have to make an effort in marketing yourself. McBean is encouraging new businesses to make investments in solid marketing budget to be able to ensure that consumers are mindful of the service and/or product. You have to allot energy and time to invest your marketing funds in strong strategy that will work for your target audience.

How to Write A Simple Business Plan

Writing a business plan takes time. And it should be properly written especially if your intent is to take out a business loan regardless if it is No Guarantor Loans For Bad Credit (UK) | £50 – £5,000.

Take the smart approach to such a business plan and get started with these simple steps.

How to Write a Business Plan

The purpose of your business

In the first chapter, you can immediately grab attention. So try to describe your business goal in one clear sentence. With this, you immediately give a good description of the purpose of your company. Why are you starting this company? For whom? What do you think you can achieve that? The main purpose of this first point is simple: how do you arouse the reader’s interest? Short but sweet. That is the common thread throughout your entire business plan

Also know who you write for, banks or private investors usually don’t have a lot of time to read comprehensive business plans extensively. The more concrete your business plan, the greater the chance that it will ultimately be looked at carefully. Good to keep in mind: the ideal length is around twenty pages.

Find your client

In this section, you describe the current situation of your future customers and/or clients in the region. What problems do they encounter? How are they dealing with this at the moment? Click on ‘Preview’ to see what this looks like in practice.

Example of the current situation. Of course, you must be able to substantiate these claims with the right facts, for example from Statistics Netherlands. Or take a look at Figures and Trends at Rabobank. Here you will find up-to-date information about, for example, the opportunities, threats and perspectives about your industry.

Your added value

The title actually indicates it: here you tell about what your product or service adds to the customer. What will you do to offer these customers and / or clients a good alternative to the current situation? And is this financially feasible?

Keep a few things in mind here:

  • Make sure you describe these issues clearly.
  • Do not avoid potential obstacles.

Therefore always state briefly which problems you may encounter and how you expect to be able to circumvent or solve them.

How relevant is your company?

You use this part of the business plan to convince the reader that this is an excellent time to start the business. Support your story again with accurate data about the developments of the last years in your industry and region. Which developments make your company relevant now?

From market research to a marketing plan

No business plan is complete without the results of market research even if you know you are starting a brilliant tech company. As an entrepreneur, you have to know how your market works and you want to stay informed of the latest developments in the sector. 

Added-value of your product or service

Just like a potential investor, the customer will soon have to be convinced of the added value of your product or service. A marketing plan helps you gain more insight into your market, with which you can then sketch a clear profile of the target group via the marketing mix.

Then take a look at the possibilities of drawing up SWOT analysis.

The competition

Here you write about the established companies in your field and region with whom you will soon be competing. In this competition analysis, also briefly indicate to each competitor what your company will do differently (and better).

The product

In this section, you can describe your product or service in detail. What is the goal? How is the product made? For example, would you like to write or translate web texts for companies from Dutch to English or Russian?

  • Describe step by step how you will proceed exactly and what the costs will be.
  • Is a possible second correction included in the price or do you charge extra hours for this? And what about copyright, for example?

If you want to start manufacturing, importing or exporting products with your company, this is the place to explain the exact import or production process in clear terms.

Business model

The business model helps you display certain aspects of a company. From the expected turnover, price, potential customers, target groups, the maximum size of the assignment or job that you can take on, and the sales model. This is a way to visually represent the aspects of your business model. 

Sole trader or large team?

Are you going to set up a sole trader? Then you just have to put your own name here. But when you start a business together with others, you have to record this on paper:

  • Who are the founders?
  • Who is responsible for operational management?
  • If relevant, who is the management board?

Financial information

Finally, the business plan must also include financial obligations. For example: Making a realistic estimate of the cash flow

A profit and loss account, the balance, what you can offer the acquired investor financially, and when do you think you will reach the break-even point?

Effectively Preparing Your Business Proposal

It is imperative to have a well-written and well-thought business proposal. And just like everything else, it all starts by collecting valuable and useful information. Failing to provide a sound proposal otherwise and the business overlook it, there is a chance that you may face lawsuit loans. Technically, this is the least you want to happen. So you have to be extra careful.

The Fundamentals of an Effective Business Proposal

Writing a business proposal is comparable to building a house. Much like its structure, it will vary based on the homeowner’s preferences and location. As per the business proposal’s components, it will vary based company size, industry and several aspects. In any case, there are elements that can’t be overlooked.

The three points below are what your recipient should see and understand in a glance.

Company Information

Under this aspect, it will tackle things like:

  • Who are you?
  • What are your qualifications and achievements?
  • Why a client should consider choosing you over the rest of the competition?

Demonstration of Knowledge

In relation to this matter, make sure that you efficiently show that you have done your homework by showing that you know what your client needs.

Methodology and Pricing

Well for this one, it is focused on how you will be solving the problems of your clients, overcome them and how much exactly it would cost them.

When you are done with these three, the following are the contents that your business proposal letter should have.

Title page – in your title page, it has to include basic info from your company’s contact details, logo, name, date and title. It is vital to have a title page for this makes the entire proposal looks organized and also, well put together.

Cover letter – you probably not walk up to your clients and just dive in the specifics without properly introducing yourself, right? Well this matter is solved by the cover letter. Oftentimes, it’s a one-liner focused about your brief background knowledge on how your company becomes such and brief overview of what makes it standout.

Table of contents – unless you have a very brief proposal, then consider incorporating a “table of contents” section in the outline form. This will help readers know what to expect in every page of your document.

Executive summary – this is setting the scene for the business proposal. Tell what your company can offer to your client’s concerns and make it engaging and relevant.

Brilliant Tech Start-ups


Starting a business is not a simple plan to do. Thinking about how to engage in this vast world of economy, the wide variety of markets, location, and capital expenses, one would not simply just shell out money to start a business that wouldn’t work for the next 3 years. But, here are some brilliant ideas that might be a good option to start, without breaking the bank.