Basic SEO for Startups with Little or No Budget for Full Marketing Campaigns

New entrepreneurs need not be overwhelmed by the idea of practicing SEO especially if they still don’t have the budget to go full gear with SEO campaigns. Still, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts generally agree that even if startups currently don’t have the means to fully compete against other businesses, they should at least move in the right direction.

It would be best to start picking up on the following SEO approaches, focus on practicing them, test the results and then adjust their applications where and when necessary.

Make Sure Your Website is Mobile Responsive and Friendly

Most of the recent ecommerce surveys revealed that in the US alone, about a hundred million online shoppers own smartphones and tablets. In the last six months prior to February 2022, around 79% of American smartphone users are into purchasing online.

That being the case, the first thing that startup entrepreneurs must make sure of is that the design of their website is not only mobile responsive but also friendly. Responsive means your mobile web visitors must be able to view the content of your website in practically the same way that they appear in PCs. No text or image is too large to view on the screen of the tablet or smartphone. That is because the text and images automatically adjust to the screen size, including the buttons, so they will be clickable.

On the other hand, the website loads fast enough since most mobile users do research while on the go or while simultaneously performing another task.

Ensuring mobile responsiveness and friendliness is an important SEO strategy because Google’s algorithm gives priority to mobile responsive and friendly sites when ranking answers as top results.

Perform Keyword and Marketing Research by Focusing on What Your Closest Competitors are Using

Simply researching about the most popular keywords used in your niche is not enough. Since these keywords are so popular, you and your competitors are vying to get the search engine AI’s attention for the same keyword or phrase.

What SEO experts do is perform competitor research to find out which keywords to replicate whilst adding a specific description to make a difference Also, find out which keywords or phrases already work, apply and test them on your website but make sure your website has better content to offer. While the search engine bots will index your site as potential response to specific searches, Google’s AI will rank those with content that indicates authority or verifiable knowledge about the topic being searched.

Since competitor research eliminates guesswork to a certain degree, knowing where others have failed is likewise a good direction to work on. A Phoenix SEO company will suggest for you to find out from looking at feedback and reviews where your competitors succeed and where they fail. Then think of creative ways on how to top them up or to correct shortcomings.

Startups have to work from scratch but they should do so with a strong SEO foundation; making sure the basic features are incorporated during the web development stage.

The Importance of MCommerce to Your ECommerce Website

The current trend when venturing into a business today is to ensure you have a website that’s not only ecommerce oriented, but also mcommerce ready and friendly. Nowadays, it’s not just about being able to shop, bank and trade online but also being able to carry out such tasks using one’s smartphone or tablet. Setting up and starting an ecommerce is no longer limited to the business of selling all sorts of products online the way Amazon, eBay and Etsy do. Today, nearly every type of industry has an ecommerce website that is mcommerce capable at the same time.

Mcommerce by the way refers to the ability of a website to accept, process and handle all sorts of ecommerce transactions by way of handheld mobile devices.

Significance of Making an ECommerce Website MCommerce-Friendly

Recent research estimates that on a worldwide scale, there are about 6.378 billion people who own and use a smartphone or tablet. Millennials and Gen Zers have their smartphones near them, 24/7. Even the young members of the Alpha generation mimic their parents in using their smartphones. Although they are expected to do some school research and homework using their smartphone, they later recreate by scrolling through Tik Tok, playing their favorite games and watching streamed movies and TV shows. During all those mobile engagements they come across various advertisements that in one way or another would convince them to make one or more online purchases.

Many of today’s seniors use tablets to keep in touch with loved ones, stay up to date with current news and weather conditions, pay bills, place orders online, have a medical check up with their doctors and engage in some form of online recreation. An ecommerce website that is mcommerce friendly as well, has the most potential of becoming the go-to-site of financially-secure seniors who live in retirement communities.

Drawbacks of Mcommerce that Startup Businesses Must Take into Consideration

While there are obvious benefits to having a user-friendly mobile commerce feature in an ecommerce website, Brainvire gives advice to startup entrepreneurs that there are drawbacks to consider. That way, they can also look into issues that might affect the performance of their ecommerce website.

Data Privacy Issues – Data privacy, particularly in relation to the use of the brand advertising tools of social network sites, particularly Facebook. Bear in mind that your customers count on you to protect their personal information. This makes it incumbent upon you to increase the security features that would prevent any unauthorized access to your customers’ private information.

Shipping Fees – People buying online have been used to buying more products if that would mean free shipping. However, certain issues have caused shipping costs to increase, which could force you to impose a higher minimum amount or collect shipping fees from international mcommerce consumers.

International Consumers – Catering to international consumers means needing to get your advertisements placed in the local mobile commerce market. This can be a daunting task since your online store will be competing with local suppliers.

Internet Connection – if you’re about to launch a promotion, be ready for an influx of mobile consumers as your audience could include international audiences not wanting to pass up the chance to get a good deal.

To avoid unexpected issues, it’s best to do tests and research work that helps you plan and prepare on how to best roll out your mcommerce tools and offers.


US Dept. of Trade Releases Report Indicating the Viability of Investing in Malaysia

The U.S. Dept. of State’s Investment Statements pertaining to Malaysia somehow explained the rationale behind the growing interests in Malaysian securities. The report describes how the Malaysian government, under the leadership of new Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, has been carrying out its plans for the country’s economic recovery. Such plans include inviting more direct foreign investors to put up businesses in Malaysia, particularly in the fields of high technology asd research & development.

A Quick Look at Some of Malaysia’s Post-Lockdown Economic Recovery Plans

Specifically, Malaysian government officials are encouraging businesses focused on developing artificial intelligence software and designing Internet of Things (IoT) innovations that support smart cities, telecommunications, infrastructures and automation of manufacturing processes.

At the same time the Malaysian government has been launching initiatives in support of traditional business sectors such as oil and gas; financial services, tourism, palm oil and rubber, as well as wholesale and retail operations for various products, whether for terrestrial or e-commerce trade.

On the domestic front, the government led by PM Yassin has released a $60 billion stimulus package to fund measures aimed at protecting Malaysia’s citizens and businesses, against the detrimental effects of the COVID-19 lockdown period. The measures are deemed important in steering the nation toward economic recovery as they move forward into year 2021.

What are Direct Foreign Investments and How Do They Work?

Direct Foreign Investments (DFIs) are investing opportunities for major companies, since DFIs involve huge sums of money as a means to expand business operations in a foreign country like Malaysia.

Some other DFI opportunities are brokered by venture capitalists to institutional investors. The latter are large organizations who handle equity traded funds (ETFs) or mutual funds on behalf of multiple investors looking to grow their wealth without the need to participate as traders. The money placed as investments may be offered as capital funds to help a business organization, or an entrepreneur start up a proposed business that shows great potential for succeeding.

Can Retail Investors Trade in Malaysia’s Financial Markets?

Retail investors can also become foreign investors by buying stocks and bonds of publicly traded Malaysian companies. However, an investor cannot buy foreign shares of stocks directly from the domestic financial markets. Foreign investments are usually acquired by way of ETFs or Mutual Funds. Still, Malaysian fintechs were able to disrupt this approach by introducing online trading platforms that enable retail investors and day traders to buy Malaysia-issued shares of stocks.

Example of a Malaysian Online Trading Platform

Online trading platforms are proprietary in nature as they are operated by investment brokers who have direct access in the local financial markets. The great news is that the leading Malaysian broker and provider of online trading platform known as Rakuten Trade is available and accessible in the UK, U.S. and other Asian countries. This denotes that through the Rakuten Trade platform, retail investors can directly buy equity shares and other investment products directly from Malaysian financial markets.

Recently, Rakuten Trade announced that through its online trading platform, Malaysian investors will also be able to invest and trade in U.S. shares of stocks. While at first many had doubts if it was safe to use Rakuten’s Malaysia-based trading software, doubts over its integrity were quickly erased. Publishers of rakuten review Malaysia provide information that this fintech innovator has received multiple awards.

Rakuten Trade lays claim for having pioneered the operation of licensed online trading platforms in Malaysia. Since its inception in 2017 as a joint venture between Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad and Japan’s securities firm Rakuten, this fintech has been the recipient of numerous awards, including the “2018 Fintech Company of the Year.”

Underscoring the Main Differences Between Trading in Traditional Investment Products and Bitcoins

Despite the tumultuous trading markets, bitcoin prices surged to $19,864 as the new all time high, since institutional investors are now into buying bitcoins. While many bitcoin owners are up on their toes waiting for trading signals on whether it’s time to buy or sell, some financial traders are voicing caution when it comes to cryptocurrency investing.

Trading on stocks and foreign currencies have not made as much headway as trading in cryptocurrencies have during the past months, and therefore not as encouraging. As it is, several well-known Wall Street hedge fund managers are now looking at bitcoins as viable products for long term investments. The rationale behind the optimism is that the U.S. Central Bank will continue to print money to fund the forthcoming emergency stimulus bills that could amount to as much as $3 trillion; giving bitcoin more room to grow and evolve.

Still, despite all the hype about bitcoin trading, which seems to be drawing a lot of interested investors, expert traders are giving advice about the differences between bitcoins and traditional investment products.

Bitcoin Remains Unaffected by Political and Economic Conditions

The first aspect that makes bitcoins appear more lucrative than stocks and foreign currencies is that cryptocurrencies are unaffected by political and economic conditions and their effects on global trade. This difference became evident when bitcoin prices surged as soon as businesses turned heavily to ecommerce and digital technology as new norms. The option of accepting payments in bitcoins comes with the prospect of realizing additional profits by selling the digital money at a higher value.

On the other hand, global trading of products and exchange of foreigh currencies hardly took off as the COVID-19 pandemic still pose as a formidable obstacle among many nations.

Nonetheless, there have been developments and progress in certain sectors and one way to get real time information about them is through trading signal providers. Although readers can find a number of these entities at Telegram’s Trading Signals Channel, we recommend a curated list of trading signal providers that can be found at this web address:

Cryptocurrency Market is More Vulnerable to Trading Manipulation Due to Lack of Regulatory Oversight

The main problem with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin is that they still lack regulatory oversight that can at least mitigate unfair trading schemes. Traditional stocks and bitcoins are both vulnerable to insider trading, where those who have first hand information about factors that can influence markets take advantage of their position.

Insider trading is often used not only to protect personal investments but also as a means to trade profitably; leaving those outside of the insider’s circle dealing with huge losses caused by “dump-and-pump” schemes.

However, the occurrence of insider trading in stock markets has been minimized, if not totally mitigated. Mainly because there are regulators that serve as watchdogs over unusual trading activities of company executives and board members as well as key stakeholders. The punishments for this violation include serving jail time in addition to payment of hefty fines and in some cases, retributions.

Have awareness that insider trading also occurs in cryptocurrency markets but rarely publicized. After all, even if there have been efforts to expose trading manipulations in cryptocurrency markets, no one is listening; much less taking action against those who take advantage of the privilege of having first hand information.

Looking for the Best Car Deals? Make Haste as Great Financing Offers are Up

The way things are today, with the COVID-19 pandemic impacting the car selling industry as well, it’s the right time to buy that car your startup business needs. According to US News, there’s quite a number of manufacturers and car dealers that have come out with special financing offers due to the economic uncertainties wrought by the pandemic.

The US News Best Price program reported that auto manufacturers Buick and Chevrolet are offering zero percent (0%) interest rates, while Ford came out with a financing deal that gives qualifying car buyers up to six months to make their first installment payment. Still, even if the deals look enticing, it would be best to check out the terms and conditions particularly those appearing in fine print.

Actually, even before the coronavirus outbreak, some savvy car procurers who moonlight by buying and selling cars, had shared one of their best kept secrets. Perhaps as a way of explaining why they are able to sell cars at prices lower than those offered by established car dealers, they say they usually invest on a car during the month of December.

Based on their analysis, it’s the best time of the year because some car companies still need to meet their quotas or their sales target for the year in order to hit their annual revenue projection.

Why December is Touted as the Merry Month for Buying a Car

Be in the know that generally, accounting books close yearly by December 31. All financial reports, particularly the Income and Expense Statement a.k.a. Profit and Loss Statement will reflect the Net Income generated by a business for the current year. The ideal report is one where all figures reported, specifically the Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization EBITDA), meet the company’s projections for the year.

The EBITDA being the measure of a business organization’s overall financial performance, after all important financial matters have been considered. In order to keep investors and creditors happy, car dealers for one, have to present financial reports that will not cast doubt on their ability to generate expected returns on investment (ROI) as well as on their capability to pay current and future loan amortizations.

Otherwise, car companies relying greatly on loans coming from money market investors and credit lines granted by banking institutions, could encounter difficulties in securing additional funds when needed. Moreover, the sales people are under great motivation to push car sales even beyond the projected goals, since the size of their year-end bonus largely depends on how much they contributed to the company’s sales for the year.

Speaking of bonuses, December is also the time of year when regular employees would have received or expect to receive their Christmas bonus. According to, the last week of December records the highest figure in terms of incentive spending. on the other hand, said that as much as 8.3% of the regular price of a new car could be taken off on car purchases made on December 31.

On the car insurance aspect, gives advice to purchasers of a new car that car deals no matter how great, does not necessarily come with the best deal in insurance coverage. When buying a new car, you don’t have to sign the insurance contract being presented by the car dealer when signing the sales documents. Since you will become the new owner of the car, it’s your prerogative to know the kind of coverage, as well as the terms and conditions that come with the policy.

That being the case, know beforehand the car dealer’s insurance partner so you can make proper assessments on whether or not it’s the best car insurance deal available near you.

Are Investors Turning to Binary Options Trading in the Midst of the COVID-19 Crisis?

Binary options trading is fast becoming an item now that stock markets are operating under unstable conditions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

How Does Binary Options Trading Work?

Trading on binary options is one of several speculative investments offered in the commodities market. Its mechanics work on the principle of “supply and demand,” which drives the prices of globally and widely traded investment commodities like foreign currencies, cryptocurrencies, oil, precious metals, or even agricultural products like cattle meat, pork bellies, coffee, cocoa, soybeans and corn, just to mention a few.

That is basically the reason why there is growing interest in commodities trading, particularly in binary options speculations. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted businesses and the global markets for such products and major investment assets, greatly affecting “supply and demand.” More so now that countries are making a move to reopen economies, causing price indexes to fluctuate and change in a matter of minutes.

Binary Options Trading Different from CFDs

It should be clear that binary options trading is different from CFDs, or contracts for difference. Although both speculate on the price of a specific product or investment asset for a specific date or time agreed upon by two contracting parties, with CFDs, the speculator does not necessarily own the commodity.

Whereas in a binary options trading, a trader places a specific investment asset as stake to a proposition that the price of his asset will either yield an increase, or will incur a price decline in the global market.

If the outcome favors a trader who projected an increase in the price of his staked asset, that trader gets to collect a gain based on the yield he projected. On the other hand, if the price goes down and in effect brings down the value of a trader’s staked asset, he loses ownership over that same asset; as it will serve as the winnings of the opposing party.

The Importance of Choosing a Binary Options Trading Platform Operated by a Licensed Broker

If binary options trading seems attractive to you, it is a must to make sure that the platform you are using is being run by a licensed and regulated commodities trading broker. That way, you are assured that the trading activities you participate in are being closely monitored by a regulator, who has the authority to act on disputes as well as impose measures to protect you and your investment assets.

To cite an example, IQ Options Europe Limited, which offers a a wide range of CFD trading services through its website ( is licensed and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). The significance of IQ Option’s CySEC accreditation is that this Cyprus financial institution pioneered the regulation of binary option trading back in 2012. CySEC has in fact implemented regulatory measures that allow close monitoring of licensed CFD brokers.

Another distinction of a licensed and regulated Cypriot Investment Firm (CIF) like IQ Options Europe, is that each client who maintains an account with this brokerage firm has the assurance that an investment deposit is protected by an insurance that can cover up to a maximum of €20,000.

In other countries belonging to the European Economic Area (EEA), IQ Options is registered under the trade name IQ Options Limited, and operates under the regulatory supervision of the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA). Take note that EEA member countries are not necessarily under the jurisdiction of the European Commission.

However it is also important to take note that some licensed brokers do not offer their commodities trading services in other countries. IQ Options Europe Ltd./ IQ Options Ltd. for one, does not offer its services and platform to traders in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Belgium, Japan, North Korea, Syria, Iran, Israel, Pakistan and Sudan.