The Importance of MCommerce to Your ECommerce Website

The current trend when venturing into a business today is to ensure you have a website that’s not only ecommerce oriented, but also mcommerce ready and friendly. Nowadays, it’s not just about being able to shop, bank and trade online but also being able to carry out such tasks using one’s smartphone or tablet. Setting up and starting an ecommerce is no longer limited to the business of selling all sorts of products online the way Amazon, eBay and Etsy do. Today, nearly every type of industry has an ecommerce website that is mcommerce capable at the same time.

Mcommerce by the way refers to the ability of a website to accept, process and handle all sorts of ecommerce transactions by way of handheld mobile devices.

Significance of Making an ECommerce Website MCommerce-Friendly

Recent research estimates that on a worldwide scale, there are about 6.378 billion people who own and use a smartphone or tablet. Millennials and Gen Zers have their smartphones near them, 24/7. Even the young members of the Alpha generation mimic their parents in using their smartphones. Although they are expected to do some school research and homework using their smartphone, they later recreate by scrolling through Tik Tok, playing their favorite games and watching streamed movies and TV shows. During all those mobile engagements they come across various advertisements that in one way or another would convince them to make one or more online purchases.

Many of today’s seniors use tablets to keep in touch with loved ones, stay up to date with current news and weather conditions, pay bills, place orders online, have a medical check up with their doctors and engage in some form of online recreation. An ecommerce website that is mcommerce friendly as well, has the most potential of becoming the go-to-site of financially-secure seniors who live in retirement communities.

Drawbacks of Mcommerce that Startup Businesses Must Take into Consideration

While there are obvious benefits to having a user-friendly mobile commerce feature in an ecommerce website, Brainvire gives advice to startup entrepreneurs that there are drawbacks to consider. That way, they can also look into issues that might affect the performance of their ecommerce website.

Data Privacy Issues – Data privacy, particularly in relation to the use of the brand advertising tools of social network sites, particularly Facebook. Bear in mind that your customers count on you to protect their personal information. This makes it incumbent upon you to increase the security features that would prevent any unauthorized access to your customers’ private information.

Shipping Fees – People buying online have been used to buying more products if that would mean free shipping. However, certain issues have caused shipping costs to increase, which could force you to impose a higher minimum amount or collect shipping fees from international mcommerce consumers.

International Consumers – Catering to international consumers means needing to get your advertisements placed in the local mobile commerce market. This can be a daunting task since your online store will be competing with local suppliers.

Internet Connection – if you’re about to launch a promotion, be ready for an influx of mobile consumers as your audience could include international audiences not wanting to pass up the chance to get a good deal.

To avoid unexpected issues, it’s best to do tests and research work that helps you plan and prepare on how to best roll out your mcommerce tools and offers.