The 3 Stages of a Business Startup

Whenever someone is starting a business, there are so many questions that entrepreneurs are excited and dreading to answer. Among the most common would be the things that they have to do during the start-up stages of their investment. So in the next paragraph, why don’t we take a deeper look at the critical stages of any startup along with some tips on how this could be averted and reach success in your journey.


For most people, this stage as well as the pre-seed stage blend well particularly when talking about funding. Regardless, this is where entrepreneurs are figuring out to understand the solution they can provide to the market and frame how their idea can help in solving that dilemma. In such stage, you’ll commonly read or hear of words like:

  • Customer discovery
  • Market opportunity and;
  • Minimum viable product

In the idea stage, oftentimes your main concern is focused on validation such as the problem you’re attempting to fix does exists, your solution really provides solution and that it is a problem big enough to motivate and to influence people to buy your product or service. Just look at how San Diego bankruptcy attorneys, they may not be a business but they make sure that their potential clients see and understand their service and that it is something they need to solve their problems. If you can do that in your business, then you are on the right path.


This is where you actually kick-off your idea. You need handful of users or customers and you are beginning to see a bit of profit.

However, you were not able to get the formula and find success. This stage is where your go-to/sales marketing strategies have to pick up and take shape. Once you have done that, your next course of action is to create a formula to make it bigger.


By the time you reach this stage in your startup business, oftentimes you are in full-swing and open for growth. You know you have already reach this stage because you have a repeat sales model, established market strategy and most likely, you are looking for big capital to expand your business and grow faster.

Though, you need to be aware that these stages are not exact science and there can be lots of things that could happen in between. But that is what business is for. There are hiccups and obstacles that will come along your way and these are what would help you learn and grow.