Startup Open’s 2011 Winner Kavita Shukla on the GEC

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Fenugreen Founders with Richard Branson

Recently we had the chance to follow up with Kavita Shukla, creator of Frenugreen FreshPaper, and last year’s winner of Startup Open 2011, a featured event of Global Entrepreneurship Week. As part of her prize, she and her partner Swaroop Samant, had the opportunity to attend the Global Entrepreneurship Conference (GEC) held in Liverpool this past March.

“We had no idea the magnitude of the GEC. We didn’t know exactly what to expect, but when we arrived, we were stunned at how many different countries were represented at the Congress” Shukla recounts.

The Global Entrepreneurship Congress is the largest gathering of startup champions from around the world. The Congress allows these brilliant entrepreneurs to meet and network with each other, offering attendees a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The Congress cultivates the strengthening of networks, thus allowing Shukla and Samant to strengthen their international presence as business owners.

“We ship across the globe almost everyday now, it has been really exciting and we credit a lot of that to the people we had the opportunity to met at the GEC” explains Shukla.

In addition to attending the GEC, they also won the opportunity to meet and be on stage with Richard Branson, one of the featured speakers at the Conference and one of the worlds most respected entrepreneurs. Shukla described the experience as inspiring and exciting, explaining that receiving advice from Branson regarding their fledgling business was a true milestone for Fenugreen.

“Since the GEC, we have really seen business booming. Everything we could have ever hoped for, for our business has all fell into place and it is just really exciting.”- Kavita Shulka.