Global Entrepreneurship Congress Experience

Milan Pano Large Size

[Photo Credit Giorgia Galeotti]

One winner of Startup Open receives an all expenses paid trip to Milan where they will receive VIP delegate credentials to the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in March 2015. The GEC brings together entrepreneurs, investors, global leaders and startup champions from more than 100 counties. As part of the experience, the Startup Open winner will have the opportunity to: showcase their startup on a global scale; gain valuable insight from successful and experienced entrepreneurs; hear from and meet world leaders, economists and other experts regarding programs, policies and research aimed at advancing entrepreneurship; and, experience all Milan has to offer that makes it an emerging hub for innovation and creativity.

GEW Startup House Stay


This unique experience is for one person from the startup to stay for up to three months—rent-free—with access to one of the fastest internet speeds in the world at the GEW Startup House in the Kansas City Startup Village (KCSV). KCSV is an entrepreneur-led community of startup enthusiasts and is centered around the Google Fiber “fiberhood”—with speeds up to 1Gbit per second—in the hometown of  the Kauffman Foundation. This experience gives the founder their own private room in the GEW Startup House and a chance to network with like-minded entrepreneurs and others active in the startup space, opening opportunities to collaborate with top thinkers and experience all the Startup Village has to offer.

Mentorship Experiences

In addition to the Grand Prize GEC Experience, top finishers of Startup Open will receive a once in a lifetime mentorship experience with established entrepreneurs including Mike Delazzer, founder of Redbox and others. These mentors will help startups build their business, make key connections in their industry and assist entrepreneurs with the knowledge they’ve gained over the years.